The Order of Constantine

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Sigma Chi Fraternity created the Order of Constantine in 1948 to recognize members who had performed outstanding service to the Fraternity in a manner the Founders would have commended. Similar in nature to the Fraternity’s Significant Sig award which recognizes brothers who have achieved outstanding distinction in their professional life, the Order of Constantine recognizes those whose dedication to service within the Fraternity is exemplary. These are the brothers to whom long time Grand Historian Joseph C. Nate often referred as the “Eighth Founders”. Members of the Order are known as Constantine Sigs.

Order of Constantine Members from the Beta Phi Chapter

Bernard A. Fischer – Beta Phi 1953
Bruce A. Knapp – Beta Phi 1933
Marvin D. Johnson – Beta Phi 1950
S. Jack McDuff – Beta Phi 1951
Gene C. Quaw – Beta Phi 1927
George L. Rex – Beta Phi 1948
Steven Schuyler - Beta Phi 1979
William M. Scott – Beta Phi 1980

“They have brought honor and distinction to the Beta Phi Chapter”