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3 Beta Phis picked for Bobcats

3 Beta Phis picked for Bobcats                   

Three Beta Phis have been named to Bobcats, the prestigious senior honorary at the University of Arizona.

Congratulations to Matthew Yalung, a systems engineering major from Phoenix; Forrest Gmitro, (Wilbur the Wildcat), a sports management and journalism major from Deerfield, Ill.; and Aaron Whitelock, a business, finance and psychology from Orinda, Calif.

“You have brought honor and distinction to the chapter,” Tucson Alumni Chapter Steve Schuyler said.

The Beta Phi Chapter has had at least one member named to Bobcats every year since the chapter returned to campus, Schuyler noted. “We should all be very proud our undergrads are continuing the tradition of so many of our members in Bobcats.”

Schuyler pointed out that 43 percent of the 13-member organization are Sigs. Since 1921 when Bobcats was founded, 123 Beta Phis have been selected for honorary.

The honorary was founded for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University of Arizona by always being alert to guide in the right direction. A Bobcat's first loyalty is to the University of Arizona, therefore "Eternal Vigilance" is their motto.