2nd in a series of informative articles - Pledge Education

You might ask why would Sigma Chi shorten its pledge education program to 4-5 weeks when we just shortened it to 8 weeks two years ago with the implementation of P4B.

Two major issues in play. Some of our contemporaries, when faced with the challenges we all are faced with, have chosen to do away with pledge education prior to initiation and initiate from 72-96 hours after pledging. This is in response to extreme pressure from our university partners to do away with pledge education as they see no value and leading to instances of hazing and forced alcohol consumption. Now we have to fight the battle that since SAE, Sig EP and a host of others (the list is growing by the week) are doing away with pledge education, why shouldn't Sigma Chi?

When faced with alternatives that include doing away with pledge education in general, having to initiate members we barely know, or having to follow pledge education programs run by the university partners, our best course of action was to come up with a timeframe we thought the universities would buy, into. We will condense our award-winning program into a pre-initiation education of values and what it means to be a Sigma Chi combined with a post-initiation education that gives you an education on governance, etc. Brothers, the alternative is no eduction at all prior to initiation. Our problem is that most of these deaths have come from hazing during pledge education. The universities just think that is what pledge education is about. We know better.

The Jordan Initiative committee is working hard to condense P4B and it will roll out in the Fall of 2018. Not enough time to roll out this Spring. We will work to make sure every Sig has memories to last a lifetime and we will aggressively lobby against attempts to make us do away with this program.

We are hopeful that our NIC partners, upon seeing what Sigma Chi is doing, will join us in this effort. We are prepared to share our P4B program with them and help them adopt a value-added program themselves.

There was not any time to vet this with the membership. Confronted with the reality that we would have no alternative but to do away with pledgeship in general, we adapted to meet the challenge. Since Sigma Chi is a LIFETIME commitment, we will double our efforts to recruit and educate values-oriented young men. Your support to this effort is appreciated. Steve.