3rd in a series of informative articles - Pledge Period

Some might ask the purpose of the no social activities with alcohol during the period of pledge pinning to initiation. So many of the recent deaths, let alone incidents at universities resulting in judicial action were a result of forced alcohol consumption during pledgeship. This has resulted in our university partners equating pledgeship with excessive alcohol consumption and hazing, as I have stated in the recent most article. We must break this linkage and the thought that perception is reality.

By making a stand that we take pledge education so seriously as to make it a priority over social activities with alcohol, we are making a positive step in the eyes of our partners. The chapter can have as many activities at the house without alcohol as it wants and that is encouraged. They cannot have any activities with alcohol during this period, but with the new policies effective 2/1, no events can happen without a licensed, third-party vendor anyway.

As of 8/1, no hard alcohol is allowed at a social function at the house period. Pledges (who for the most part are under 21 anyway) are not allowed to drink anyway and cannot be at an off-campus location where hard alcohol is being served. Actives may use hard alcohol at off-campus locations, but cannot bring it to the house or be intoxicated and be at the house.

Sigma Chi Fraternity is taking a stand. We hold our pledge period to be an important part of a lifetime in Sigma Chi. It is about preparing them for the Ceremonies of Initiation and reconciling them to our values and ideals. Please join me in supporting this new policy.