The Sigma Chi Building Company


June 22, 2005

To: All Brothers of Sigma Chi Fraternity

Subject: Location of the Future “Beta Phi Undergraduate and Alumni Leadership Center

Brothers, it is official. After long negotiations with the University of Arizona we have completed our negotiations to lease the northeast corner of First Avenue and Vine Street. This is directly across the street and north of the old 1510 East First Street location.

This land will provide an 18,000 square foot lot on “Fraternity and Sorority Row” to construct the new facility we had first contemplated in early 2003 to replace 1616 East First Street. We were successful in retiring the debt of the Chapter with the sale of 1616 and will now be able to invest all of our new equity dollars into the new structure and an endowment fund for replacements and maintenance.

We have formed the Beta Phi Facility Planning Committee. This committee is made up of architects and real estate professionals and includes five former Consuls of the Chapter. This committee will be working to plan the proposed floor plan and elevations of the new facility. Our intention is to have the exterior resemble 1510 East First Street as much as possible with a 21 st Century interior. This facility will be a showcase for the Sigma Chi Fraternity to the UA and the Tucson community. It may not be the largest, but it will be the best.

This facility will have professional management, have ongoing planned maintenance for planned refurbishments and maintenance, and be built to commercial specifications and utilize commercial building materials.

The future looks bright for the future Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity at the University of Arizona.

If you have questions or input, please contact us at:

James Campbell

1795 E. Skyline Dr. Ste 155
Tucson, Arizona 85718
Phone: 520-624-6446
E-mail: [email protected]